AI-powered incentives

Consumer brands

Monocle’s AI incentives platform helps consumer brands strike a perfect balance between growth and profitability. Our causal AI model allows your brand to give  the optimal offer only to consumers who need it to complete a purchase.



Increase in Net Revenue
Increase in Gross Profit
Higher ROI on
promotion spend


profit boost

Harness the power of AI to sift through hundreds of signals and determine the most incremental offer for each consumer, taking the guesswork out of incentives.

Optimal incentive strategies

Align your incentive engine to your brand’s strategic priorities, ensuring every offer contributes to your overarching brand strategy.

Insightful and effortless analytics

Discover the real impact of your incentives with our automated, no-code analytics, making data-driven decisions simpler and more effective.

Seamless, no-code integration

Plug Monocle into your existing tech stack. No code, no hassle, just powerful AI-driven promotion insights at your fingertips.


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Will I be able to know what kind of customers are getting offers?
Can I use Monocle’s segmentation in my ad campaigns?
How do I know that the model understands my brand’s customers?