AI-powered incentives

Consumer Tech Platforms

From customer discovery to activation, engagement and retention - incentives can  play a powerful role in growing your platform. Use Monocle to leverage cutting edge causal AI to understand which group of users need a nudge to complete an action.


Increase in Net Revenue
Increase in Gross Profit
Higher ROI on
promotion spend


Scale incentive decision-making across millions of customer interactions

Free trial

Dedicated Monocle support

Choice of model optimization metrics

User life time value tracking and optimization

Dedicated onboarding and integration support

Tailored Causal AI models by use case

Feature requests

Access to reports on consumer trends


Who is Monocle for?
Does Monocle have a minimal scale requirement?
I’m not a ‘discount brand’ can I still work with Monocle?
How is using Monocle different from doing an A/B Test?
What’s the integration effort from my team?