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Introducing Monocle: The Secret to Smart Promotions

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Noam Szpiro
Co-Founder & CEO
Mark Lotman
Co-Founder & COO
Introducing Monocle: The Secret to Smart Promotions

Big consumer tech companies like Lyft, Uber, Doordash and Instacart all have sophisticated machine learning algorithms to nail their discounting and pricing strategies. Smaller companies like yours usually don’t have the resources to build in-house teams for that. So we built a dedicated team for you. 

Throughout our careers at big tech companies, we saw the power of offers and discounts firsthand. It’s not that small incremental improvements like changing the color of a button don’t work, but the single biggest lever for conversion is the final price — what the customer actually pays. Time and again, we learned that if you’re serious about growing revenue or improving profitability, you should make sure your promotion strategy is squared away. 

The industry has spent the last decade optimizing ads down to the penny. So our philosophy is simple: let’s do the same for promotions. We founded Monocle to help brands unlock the power of smart offers that drive incremental profit — without sacrificing your brand equity or margins. We’re in the early innings, but we’re already seeing massive gains given how inefficient this space has been: 

  • 35% increase in revenue and gross profit
  • 40% increase in CVR
  • 10% increase in AOV

As we continue to build a revolutionary SaaS platform for consumer brands, we’re driven by these guiding principles: 

  • Causality at our core: Every interaction with a customer should be measured by causality and not correlation. In other words, which discount led to a conversion? Causal AI allows us to understand the source of each conversion by applying human-like principles of cause and effect. 
  • Personalization as the default: Discounts, more so than anything else, are a personal business. Different consumers respond to different offers, and if you want to truly achieve 1:1 personalization, you need to understand their preferences. Monocle analyzes hundreds of signals to arrive at the optimal offer for every consumer.
  • Incrementality in focus: Understanding how a specific offer changes a customer's behavior is at the core of the "incremental effect." This is key to understanding if an offer contributed to performance or just diluted a brand’s margin and brand equity. Monocle uses advanced AI models to select offers that maximize incremental effects, protecting your brand from unnecessary dilution. 
  • Strategy with nuance: The most profitable promotion strategies replace an “all or nothing” approach with a nuanced strategy focused on outcomes. Until now, the tools available for discounting left you little choice: you either discount or you don’t. Monocle allows you to set promotions that kick in the moment they’re needed — based on an ROI threshold, your promotion budget, or a cap on the number of offers. 
  • Accessibility for all levels: AI shouldn’t be restricted to those with technical backgrounds. Monocle’s AI models are accessible because our streamlined platform doesn’t require technical training in machine learning. Simple visualizations of how the models work demystify the black box of AI. 

Because we understand the power of the right discount strategy, we bring these values to every interaction with our users. That’s why we partnered with some of the world’s leading investors, advisors, and brands to develop our platform. 

Ads have been optimized to the cent in the last decade; it’s time we do the same for promotions. 

Welcome to Monocle. 
Noam & Mark


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